Time for the world to recognize that Abiy Ahmed cannot be trusted

Abiy Ahmed has consistently shown with every action his intentions are evil even when appearing to be benevolent

Abiy Ahmed has consistently openly lied about what his real intentions are regards Tigray. At first he claimed he was doing a law enforcement operation for the good of the Tegaru people. Instead he unleased a torrent of starvation, murder, and genocide. In his latest nefarious misadventure he tries to take advantage of a peace negotiations to attempt to kill the elected leaders of the Tigray nation.

In the Biblical book of Genesis the Devil in the form of snake makes a false promise to mankind that act in defiance of God’s will and is forever damned. Many cultures have used the forked tongue of the snake to recognize evil being misrepresented by false presentation of good intentions. By this time the world should clearly recognize that Abiy Ahmed speaks with a forked tongue without any honor. He cannot be trusted and needs to be brought to justice for the evil he has sprung on the world.

Author: Professor Tony Magana

Professor Tony Magana is Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences at Mekelle University in Mekelle, Ethiopia. He directs a neurosurgery residency and training program as well as neuroscience research.

5 thoughts on “Time for the world to recognize that Abiy Ahmed cannot be trusted”

  1. It seems the powers that arranged for Abiy Ahmed to receive the 2019 Nobel Prize for peace are too ashamed to admit their mistake and chose instead to ignore his constant and inconsistent lies and accept his narrative. Every US or European envoy that dealt with Abiy Ahmed admit in private that he is not trust worthy but in public they address him as a reformer. Obasanjo and his minders know that he is not interested in peace. He is using the ‘peace’ talks to buy time for more drones and weapons from China, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Israel, etc. It is amazing to see Israel, Iran and Turkey working together to wipe out an entire people of Tigray.

    1. AbiyAhmedAli is anointed by Devil to be thev7th king like King Ahab from the Bible. John 8:44 tells us AbiyAhmedAl’ true identityand purpose. “You (AbiyAhmedAli) belong to your father,and you want to carry out your father’s desires,  He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies . lying is AbiyAhmedAli native language.

  2. Yes Abiy has been deceiving people for the last three years he had killed General, politicians, famous singer. Abiy would kill his own friends and exchange them with plants 🌱 🪴 🌱 he has deceive and lied the whole world except Tegarou. He needs to be brought to justice my only hope is TDF.🙏

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