The paradox of Eritrean children of refugees supporting an authoritarian regime

Eritrean diaspora are caught between the conflict of their national origin and the their new home in Western democracy
Many ask why sometimes 1st generation Eritrean diaspora support the authoritarian government that their parents risked their lives to leave? I have known many 1st and 2nd generation over the past 13 years and have reviewed academic studies one of which is linked below. Like most immigrants to western democracies they want to keep a link to their national origin.
The Eritrean government budget depends upon 1/3 of its funding from diaspora remittances. They have extensive networks in the Western democracies which put on “patriotic events” ostensibly to promote Eritrean culture but in reality to collect remittances which will guarantee the security and well being of relatives left behind.  As the son of an immigrant father I can related to that. Also honestly Eritrean and African immigrants may be subject to discrimination in their new country and their culture frowned upon not just the government that drove them away.
Socialists and political scientists point to the fact the new generation life experience has not included the suffering of their parents. Very effective manipulative propaganda of the Eritrean government as they learned from their Chinese teachers takes advantage of this lack of suffering and discrimination.
Then there is incentive to make sure relatives left in the country are not suffering or subjected to punishment for their relatives leaving.
It is important for Westerners to respect Eritrean culture and not confuse it with the authoritarian government. Refugees should be treated as equal to refugees from other parts of the world. The response of the these diaspora is a result of both propaganda promoting cultural worth and thus identity of these diaspora. Meanwhile Western democracies need to reach out and be more inclusive and accepting of their worth and arrival. Not treat them as outsiders.