Time for the world to recognize that Abiy Ahmed cannot be trusted

Abiy Ahmed has consistently shown with every action his intentions are evil even when appearing to be benevolent

Abiy Ahmed has consistently openly lied about what his real intentions are regards Tigray. At first he claimed he was doing a law enforcement operation for the good of the Tegaru people. Instead he unleased a torrent of starvation, murder, and genocide. In his latest nefarious misadventure he tries to take advantage of a peace negotiations to attempt to kill the elected leaders of the Tigray nation.

In the Biblical book of Genesis the Devil in the form of snake makes a false promise to mankind that act in defiance of God’s will and is forever damned. Many cultures have used the forked tongue of the snake to recognize evil being misrepresented by false presentation of good intentions. By this time the world should clearly recognize that Abiy Ahmed speaks with a forked tongue without any honor. He cannot be trusted and needs to be brought to justice for the evil he has sprung on the world.