Those giving support to Tigray genocide risk future US federal prosecution


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has described the violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as “ethnic cleansing“.

American citizens or legal resident aliens could be subject to fines up to $1 million or imprisonment up to 20 years for inciting, conspiracy, attempting or direct involvement with genocide. The first step to declaring a genocide in Tigray by Eritrean and Ethiopian governments has been taken by the declaration of “ethnic cleansing” by United States Secretary of State Tony Blinken this week. Additionally the US Embassy in Eritrea called once again for the complete withdrawal of Eritrea from Tigray. Numerous interviews with various US government officials has indicated that the US has been holding off on full designation pending further negotiations. However, so far no real progress has been made.

Ethiopia diaspora and others acting in substantial support of the state sponsored genocide in Tigray should understand the implications if an official genocide designation is given.

Section 1091 of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits genocide whether committed in time of peace or time of war. Genocide is defined in § 1091 and includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. There is Federal jurisdiction if the offense is committed within the United States. There is also Federal extraterritorial jurisdiction when the offender is a national of the United States.

Abiy Amed following Yugoslavia model for state destruction

Current armed rebellions against the central Ethiopian government

Although Abiy Ahmed Prosperity Party supporters exuberantly welcome his medemer version of a national unity  based upon the old model of Amhara elitism studies of the downfall of Yugoslavia just thirty years ago suggest it will similarly fall.  Many of those who witnessed the Yugoslavia downfall today point to the fact that political elites tried to force their version of a unity identity while ignoring altogether ethnic and religious differences in the country.

This year marked the 30th anniversary of the breakup of Yugoslavia. What was known as Yugoslavia had several ethnicities including Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Although the different groups had similar “racial history” and language there were significant cultural as well as religious differences between the groups that were not “taken into account” in creating the Yugoslavian state in 1918 after World War I.

The monarchy gave way to a communist regime at the end of World War II during which many partisans were split between supporting the Allied and Axis powers. The new communist ideals fashioned under Josip Tito ignored language and ethnicity but instead claimed that a common goal of “self managed socialism” was the main contributing factor to a Yugoslavian nationality.

Historians have noted that the education system and cultural recognition mechanisms of the time did not present the presence of a “multi-cultural” society but only that a history of national unity from a common struggle defined the country.

Upon the death of Tito in 1980 the long standing denial of ethnic identities and their suppression gave way to overflowing cries of discrimination and favoritism. It is interesting that many who have studied this change remark that ethnicity itself was not the cause for change but the existing pattern of political elites of a few ethnic groups to claim their concept of national identity was superior to other groups ideals. Ethnicity became a tool of political power, oppression, and ultimately resulted in the killings of thousands.

The breakup of the former Yugoslavia

Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, Serbs, Montenegerins, Macedonian, Bosnians, Croates, and Slovennes all began to be polarized from each other. Even within groups there was division based upon how devoted one was to one’s own ethnicity or religion. In seeking recognition for their own religion it became a political tool for manipulation and oppression as well as ethnicity.

Abiy Ahmed who was once the representative in the Ethiopian Parliament for the Oromo region immediately north of the capital, Addis Ababa, made his early reputation as a mediator between religions and protector of Oromo rights to housing. However over the past two years he has found tremendous political support and power by realigning himself with mostly Amhara elites who have revived the concept of Ethiopia having an Amharic manifest destiny. Like those who tried to create a central unity in Yugoslavia he is supported by academics who speak not in terms of historical fact or scripture but in flagrant political  language which proclaims this is the only manner in which Ethiopia as a nation can thrive. That this approach will lead to it becoming an international super power. No regard is given that while for last ten years it approached Gross Domestic Product Growth of almost 10% annually it is now in reality a -2% for this year and in unescapable debt.

As regards those who are not Amharic he is saying that they can be a “part” of this unity if they agree to suppress dissent on his approach. Whereas initially he called for a free press, release of political prisoners, and openness in political discussion this has been transformed to a tyrannical state where dissent is rewarded with a branding of “terrorist” that can lead to imprisonment, confiscation of assets, or even assassinations. Healthcare, banking, communication, food, security, and right to life are reserved for those who agree with the Abiy Ahmed version of medemer while others will be deprived.

Just as in Yugoslavia this strict acceptance of only the Prosperity Party ideal of being an Ethiopia has resulted in open rebellion in not only Tigray but also Beningshagul, Amhara (Qemont and Agaw), Oromo, Somali, Afar, and Gambella regions. The fastest growing revolt is occurring in the region of Oromia of his own ethnic group. 

Noted authority on Ethiopia, Alex De Waal, wrote this week that Abiy Ahmed has turned up his rhetoric to excite his supporters while many other African leaders are increasingly shunning him.  The United States previously the foremost supporter of Ethiopia finds itself having to impose sanctions because of overwhelming evidence of mass genocide. Both De Waal and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez both have indicated that they believe Abiy Ahmed is a risk of destroying Ethiopia if he does not change course. In an interview with Al Jazeera, the UN Secretary General stated that Ethiopia cannot defeat the Tigray forces.



Ethiopia must atone for its immorality before any peace can come with Tigray

Ethiopia blocked aid groups in Tigray for saying there was starvation

The moral hypocrisy of Abiy Ahmed and his supporters is the greatest impediment to seeking a peaceful resolution to the Ethiopian Tigray conflict.

Now that the war has spread to include more than a one third of the Amhara region with millions being displaced and severe disruption of life the previous silence seen from most of the rest of Ethiopia towards the inhumanity and death in Tigray that has gone on for almost a year has been ignorantly replaced. Today this silent majority who once actively encouraged rape, mutilation, starvation, and killing without even a whisper of protest, who believed that they had rightfully killed a “rabid dog” mercilessly now contends that they are the victims. 

They bear no responsibility for enthusiastically even some would say manically obsessively demonstrating a clear intention to wipe out a whole ethnic group, the Tigray. Ethiopians fail to realize most importantly that they are the victims of their own nefarious intentions.

When the “elected leader” Abiy Ahmed makes fun of atrocities to women you laugh. When aid agencies want to feed the starving children you accuse them of a conspiracy and want them removed from the country. Now however that the crisis has spread to Amhara you complain that they left. You said “hands off” Ethiopia that Ethiopia should have Ethiopian solutions. Yet you invite a foreign  country with one of the worst human rights records on the planet to do your killing, maiming, and deprivation. You seek to get tools of destruction from Turkey and Iran to kill Ethiopians. Now you are begging for the Western democracies who you denounced to protect you from the natural consequences of your own actions.

A chance for peaceful resolution can only come when both parties begin to trust each other and show some basic signs of humanity. Ethiopia must admit it wanted to commit genocide and punish those responsible. Abiy Ahmed and his supporters have a long way to go before this can happen.