Ethiopian government says devil resides in all Tigray mothers implying genocide needed

The Ethiopian Press Agency which functions under the Ethiopian House of Representatives gives an inhuman description of Tigray mothers as possessed by Satan

An official Ethiopian government publication now says that Tigray mothers possess the “spirit of the Devil” suggesting they are not human and should be totally eradicated. This is latest indisputable proof of intentional genocide taken together with ongoing bombing of civilians as well as the starvation of millions of innocent women and children in Tigray by the Ethiopian government. 

Thanks to Yaddi Bojia for revealing this latest despicable wicked intent. This war on the Tigray has never been and is not now a “law enforcement operation”. The words of so called Deacon Daniel Kibret, trusted advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, repeated multiple times that the Tigray people and any history of their existence must be eliminated are once again echoed in this latest government declaration. Everyday of inaction to stop this horror costs innocent lives. Abiy Ahmed’s propaganda of dehumanizing his opponents including Tigrayans to justify genocide is plainly demonstrating itself once again.