Will increasing Amhara chaos and abandonment weaken Abiy Ahmed support?

In his quest to continue blockade of potential vital supplies coming into Tigray possession Abiy Ahmed has extended embargo of electricity, fuel, food, medicine and other supplies to Tigray held areas of Amhara. This is creating anger at the Amhara and Ethiopian Federal governments.

Night time special satellite imaging of Ethiopia shows minimal lighting of most of the Amhara region indicating loss of electricity on the night of September 14, 2021

Numerous Amhara media outlets are complaining that much of the Amhara region which has been effectively occupied by the Tigray Defense Forces are now without electricity as well as running low on fuel, food, and medical supplies. Upwards of a million displaced persons are said to be in or near Dessie and/or Bahir Dar.  However, officials of the Amhara National Movement and other local officials are complaining that the Federal Ethiopian government is not doing anything to help them. For its part, Getachew Reda, spokesman for the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front government of Tigray says they will try to help with what resources they have. The streets have been filled with protestors demanding government services. There are also complaints that the city’s youth are not being given weapons to defend Dessie. Although somewhat “Amhararized” many in the city have Oromo roots in ancestry and tradition. Some have theorized that is why they are not be given weapons.

Past few days have seen streets of Dessie city in Amhara filled with protesters complaining the government has abandoned them

Yesterday there was a complaint by a strong Amhara supporter that in Wegal Tena some Ethiopian soldiers were trying to rape local girls and when local men tried to stop them they were shot by the soldiers