The world must hear the bell tolling for every victim of the Ethiopian war

Tsigereda Girmay a twenty year old ethnic Tigrayan was stabbed to death at Arbaminch University in Southern Ethiopia where she was a college student on January 31, 2022.

The 16th Century English cleric and poet, John Donne, wrote in his famous Meditation 17 that when the Church buries a person it is a chapter out of all of mankind’s existence. That when the bell tolls for one who has passed it is ringing for all of us to hear. In this terrible war between Ethiopia, Tigray, Oromia and others as in previous wars it is all to easy to become numb to death. We need to see the true horror and loss of this young woman and remember it has been multiplied more than hundreds of thousands if not a million times. 

The Biblical story of our creation in Genesis reminds us we are all a creation of God and priceless in our worth. John Donne declared that the death of any person should concern us because we must be involved in all mankind. Deranged calls for extermination, starvation, violence against once fellow countrymen are not actions of glory but endeavors in blasphemy against the ways of God espoused by the Christian and Islamic faiths. Government leaders and all good people of faith must come together now to find a just peace for the suffering in Tigray and Northern Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian propaganda machine is saying she was Amhara but this is a lie. She is from Adi Remets. Here is video on Twitter where she is singing she is Tigrinya and TPLF which cannot be taken away.

Tsigereda Girmay singing she is Tigrinya and TPLF and it cannot be taken away