Sudanese leader declares al-Fashaga is fully Sudanese threatens conflict

Sudan is committed to military conflict to protect its sovereignty over al-Fashaga reports the Sudan Tribune

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Sudan was quoted in the Sudan Tribune saying “Al-Fashqa is fully a Sudanese territory!” Analysts have noted that the strong claim of Sudan territorial claim of al-Fashaga, rich farmland on the west Ethiopian Sudanese border, as well as continued lack of agreement on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is helping to coalesce political support and unity in Sudan. The Sudanese government intends to place more military support in the disputed area and will vigorously defend against any Ethiopian incursion. Meanwhile Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia has stated on multiple occasions that al-Fashaga is Ethiopian territory leading to escalating military engagements since he took power in 2018. 

Given recent events and the stances of the two countries there is a high likelihood more military conflict between them is coming. Sudan has a significant military force consisting of almost 100,00 manpower with almost that many again in reserve. Military hardware assets include 45 fighter jets, 38 attack aircraft, 43 attack helicopters, 830 tanks, 450 armored vehicles, and 10 self-propelled artillery. The weakened state of the Ethiopian military and its ongoing war with the Tigray Defense Force and Oromo Liberation Army have made Sudan’s military strength even more relevant. What outcome will this have on the Ethiopia Tigray conflict?