Global disparity in recognition of humanitarian crisis Ukraine vs Tigray

Primitive medical facilities for internally displaced people in Shire,Tigray  Source Relief Web

The immoral global disparity in recognition of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine versus Tigray occurring in press coverage has also now been seen in scientific publications. Noted researcher, Dr. Mulugeta Gebregziabher PhD, Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina had put together an international collaborative team including on site researchers from Mekelle University to assess the destruction of health care facilities in the war on Tigray. The research findings were published in the prestigious British medical journal Lancet however so far the journal has refused to publish a commentary on the morality and urgency of this potential form of genocide while it quickly published a similar comment regarding attacks on health care facilities in Ukraine.

Whilst no one is denying the urgency and gravitas of the Russian invasion on Ukraine many are asking the question as to why Western democracies are so silent and barely involved in seeking solutions to the conflict where at least half a million people have died due to war, starvation, lack of health care,  and blockade of food, fuel, communication, electricity, clean water, and other necessities of life?

Medical research has the most fundamental tenet that it is committed to improving human life. We teach young researchers that as well as developing sound scientific principles of investigation there is an absolute need when completed to communicate the research to the public otherwise the effort is meritless. 

A part of this reporting a priori requires an analysis of the morality of the issue. This substantiates the need of response and level of response to identified problems. Talking about unnecessary death, suffering, and deprivation to millions of people cannot be done with a total disregard to the moral values which define the lessons we are supposed to have learned from catastrophic world wars.