Tigray participation and discussion blocked in Ethiopian Midwives meeting

At the annual Ethiopia Midwife Association which claimed to discuss all mothers and children exclusion of Tigray discussion or participation was done. Amhara regional authorities and their security made sure this policy was enforced.

The Ethiopian Midwife Association national annual meeting this year like other scientific and medical meetings under government regulation avoided any discussion of Tigray or inclusion of any professionals from Tigray. The topic of the need of providing services in conflict regions excluded Tigray. This is another example of the official Ethiopian leadership policy. The formalization and rigorous enforcement of the official Ethiopian government policy of hate, discrimination, and disregard of the plight of Tigray civilians while at the same time nefariously claiming concern.

A person attending who wishes to remain anonymous informed me that some questions where posed to leaders of the meeting about what was being planned for Tigray which resulted in “private” intense reprimands from security personnel who were accompanying Amhara region government officials. As a part of promoting Tigray genocide the Abiy Ahmed led government is intentionally damaging mothers and childrens access to healthcare.

Prenatal care, birth related complications and mortality, and early infant outcomes in Ethiopia are greatly affected by having medically attended birthing services of which midwives are a vital component. Before the war Tigray midwives were a part of the national collaborative effort to improve these outcomes. The politicization of health care professionals in Ethiopia reminds one of the similar scenarios scene in Nazi Germany.