Jeffrey Feltman returning to Ethiopia this week to discuss peace with Tigray

Reuters reports U.S. Envoy is returning to Ethiopia to discuss peace talks with Tigray

The Tigray Defense Force retreated back into Tigray boundary in part due to requests from the United States State Department who promised some reciprocal action which has been slow in coming. Just now the United States announced that U.S. envoy to the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman is returning to Addis Ababa to specifically discuss peace talks. 

Even though Tigray forces retreated into their borders, Ethiopia has continued airstrikes and drone strikes within Tigray killing dozens of civilians daily. Additionally the complete blockade of food, medical supplies, fuel for  civilian use, power, telephone, and internet have continued for over a year. Millions are facing critical famine risks and thousands have died for lack of even basic health care. 

The resilience of the Tigray forces to withstand against defeat by the Ethiopian, Eritrean, Turkish, and United Arab Emirates forces has created a no win situation for Ethiopia. Now recent advances have started into Western Tigray which is under Ethiopian and Eritrean occupation still with many international humanitarian organizations reporting thousands of deaths from genocidal killing, starvation, displacement, violation of women. Additionally the economic forecast for Ethiopia facing sanctions and economic collapse by the African Development banks finds low investor confidence, high unsustainable debt service from high war costs and with poor tax income. In other words Ethiopia must seek peace or find itself in complete economic ruin.