Ethiopia holds old women, small children and mothers in view of African Union in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s latest concentration camp in Addis Ababa holds old women, small children and their mothers with little resources or cover near the African Union.

Why does Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party fear old women, small children, and their mothers so much? His latest concentration camp “China camp” is located in the Gotera area of Addis Ababa literally next to the head quarters of the African Union. They have no housing, no sanitation, no clearly available water or food. What message is Abiy Ahmed sending to the world? 

What message are the great democracies of the world, the organizations who proclaim to protect human rights and dignity, and the  leaders of the Abrahamic faiths sending in keeping silent. Whilst Ethiopian and Eritrean backers and some “neutrals” look at a speck of sawdust in the eye of the Tigray they pay no attention to the plank in their own eye says Jesus in Matthew 7:3. How can the African Union, the United Nations, and the rest of world deny being witness to this flagrant inhumanity?