Ayder Hospital staff stoically carry on with limited resources

A medical supply flight unloads at Mekelle airport on March 16, 2022 . This is lifesaving but only a trickle compared to the whole need. Source UNICEF

An update from Mekelle University’s Ayder Hospital today. At the current time there is fuel to run the hospital generator to allow some diagnostic devices and therapeutic devices to work. They have resumed doing urgent surgeries in some specialty fields thanks to donations of anesthesia supplies and suture materials. Unfortunately the limited materials means the hospital is forced to “triage” the patients because there is not enough to care for everyone.

The teaching of students and medical doctor trainees in medical specialties is continuing but there are shortages of materials. Many computers and cell phones containing these materials were confiscated by the occupying forces of the ENDF and Eritrean Army before Mekelle was retaken by the Tigray Defense Force. 

All University and hospital employees are working without pay while trying to meet the everyday needs of their family.  The moral remains strong with the phrase they use to express their determination “its tough but we can make it”. At this moment they do not put much stock in Abiy Ahmed’s promise of allowing humanitarian supply access to Tigray. However, they remain undeterred in carrying on as best they can.