Vile personal attacks on Tigray women advocates for human rights do not obscure truth

A well known Tigrayan advocate for women’s rights and protection has not been deterred by efforts to demean her by the Ethiopian propaganda machine.  The dehumanization of the people of Tigray has been a constant theme of Ethiopia and Eritrea to justify atrocities carried out intentionally.

Ethiopian and Eritrean supporters are now resorting to personal attacks laced with lies in a vile and vain attempt to defend the indefensible.  In the wake of a majority of United Nations members nations mandating international investigation of human right violations in Tigray a new round of ad hominem attacks on the womanhood, intelligence, and morality of accomplished highly educated Tigrayan women who have spoken up for protecting human rights is their latest desperate Ethiopian attempt to obscure reality. Ethiopian leadership who claim to be pious Christians seem to have discarded the Commandment given by God through Moses that “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour“.

Although the protagonists of this effort have internalized this concept of the complete dehumanization of Tigray to justify their murder by drones, violation, and deprivation their attempt to propagate it to the rest of the world is failing more and more each day. This degrading of the humanity of Tigrayans has in the twisted mentality of Ethiopia and Eritrea been a justification for egregious human rights violations including weaponization of starvation, military ordered rape, destruction of property and livelihoods, detention, and isolation.

Since the beginning of the Ethiopian Tigray conflict supporters of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki have incessantly, loudly, and nefariously degraded the humanity of the people of Tigray.  Within the first few days of the invasion of Eritrean and Ethiopian forces into Tigray they called Tigrayans “hyenas” who should be eradicated. Soon after Ethiopian Protestant and Orthodox clergy supported the concept of a Christian fatwa against Tigray. They proclaimed Tigray mothers wombs were possessed by Satan. A prominent Abiy Ahmed “intellectual” supporter on social media was emphatic that Tigray children are destined to be evil and should be killed at birth. Within a few days we learned that Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers were told by their commanders to kill male children under age four. The ranks of the invading army into Tigray purposefully included HIV infected soldiers to spread the disease in their violation of women. 

In fact a recent video of the ENDF shows a commander discussing the live burial of a five year old Tigrayan child. The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself referred to Tigrayans as weeds that need to be cut out and his Social Minister, a so-called Deacon, called for  the complete elimination of Tigray from the planet as well as any history of their existence.

When Mekelle was under the Ethiopian Tigray Interim Administration the local military commander admitted to Ethiopian news media that there had been rapes committed in the city. The Minister of Women, Children, and Youth, Filsan Abdi, went to Mekelle along with a prosecutor and determined that there was significant evidence of mass violations against women by invading forces. The response to this evidence from Abiy Ahmed supporters was to release mocking videos by Amhara women that the Tigrayan women were lying and probably wanted sex with the soldiers. In the end Filsan Abdi felt she had to resign when the Ethiopian Federal government refused to foll0w up on the reports of human rights violations.

More recently a video of the burning of Tigrayans alive purportedly for the purpose of cannibalism was proudly posted on social media. Just within the past 24 hours numerous photographs have similarly been posted on social media showing Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers digging up mass graves of Tigrayans in Western Tigray to be secretly relocated or destroyed. This occurs in the region where there has been irrefutable documentation of extrajudicial killing of Tigray whose bodies were thrown into the Tekeze River.