Where is world outrage over tens of thousands detained from Addis Ababa?

Detention of political opponents is a key element in Abiy Ahmed’s arsenal of oppression

Since Abiy Ahmed came to power he has imprisoned more civilians, built more jails, and passed more detention laws without due process then his predecessors since the Derg. While the United Nations discusses the incomplete and biased human rights reports where is the outrage over the ongoing imprisonment without any reasonable justification of tens of thousands of ethnic Tigrayans, Oromos, and others. Where is the demand to know where they are and for their release?

At this moment tens of thousands of ethnic Tigrayans and even some whose names sound Tigrayan but are not are detained in unknown locations inside and outside of Addis Ababa.   News sources have reported house to house sweeps by Addis Ababa police and other authorities of many neighborhoods including Hayahulet, Semet and Bulbula. Those illegally apprehended include not only men but elderly, sick, and children as young as infants. 

While many high ranking officials call for citizens to stand their ground at risk of losing their lives these same “patriots” have gone to Kenya as other countries have refused their visas.  The Hitler analogy of Abiy Ahmed becomes complete as he is giving his own “Nero” decrees.