Amhara editorial strongly questions Abiy Ahmed leadership

Previous strong supporters of Abiy Ahmed are doubting his leadership will last

Abiy Ahmed’s portrayal of a united Ethiopian national identity is being increasingly questioned by former strong loyalists. While many close observers of the Ethiopian Tigray conflict see wavering on a true commitment to peace by the Ethiopian Prime Minster his ability to negotiate may be increasingly compromised by weakening of his own support in Ethiopia. In a editorial, Borkena, the notably strong Amharic internet advocate asked the question whether Abiy Ahmed can still be trusted? The editorial complained that Abiy Ahmed had taken little action to stop the killing of Amhara in the Oromo region for whole of his tenure as Prime Minister.

Additionally rather then then taking strong action to protect against ethnic unrest like Somali Prosperity Party loyalist, Mustafa  Mohammed,  Abiy let Oromo region be “hell” for Amhara.  Borkena omits that the Somali region of Ethiopia has had a long history of political unrest and discussions of separation from the Ethiopian empire. The Amharic Emperor Menelik II conquered the Somali region of Ethiopia in the 19th century as part of his conquests beyond traditional Abyssinia to dominate the Oromo, Somali, and Southern Nations ethnic groups. Since that time many rebellions have sprung up for independence in part due to differences in traditions, culture, language, and religion. Many Somali feel a kinship to the Ogaden concept of one Somali nation that would join Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia, and the Somali region of Ethiopia into one. Growing opposition is occurring to Mustafa Mohammed.