Ethiopia will start sales of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s “God” inspired speeches of wisdom to the world

The Ethiopian government is going sell volumes of the speeches given by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over the past three years.

The arrogant delusion of grandeur of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed knows no bounds. His Press Secretary Billene Seyoum announced today that three bound volumes of his speeches from the last three years will be going for sale with some of it used to help “displaced persons”.

Since his visit in the United States in 2018 Abiy Ahmed has been promoted by Amhara expansionists as anointed by God to reclaim Ethiopia’s past glories.  Already chatter by his obsessed clerico-fascists on the internet are rejoicing. They imagine sales will spread throughout Africa and world.

There is even some talk  that owning them will bring freedom of illness and personal wealth as they are the “word of the promised one” who will deliver Ethiopia from the Zemene Mesafint , time of princes without a strong leader, which refers to a time before the Amharic Emperor Menelik II began the great Amhara expansion of the 18th and 19th century. Abiy Ahmed has promised in the next few years to become a super-power equal to China.

So the far the reality is different then the Prime Minister’s prophesy. While once proclaiming Tigray was essentially eliminated the almost year long war with the small region has resulted in losing control of much of the Amhara region to Tigray defensive invasion, placing Ethiopia in what many see as unrecoverable debt of $30 billion, and the sparking of rebellion in almost every region.